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The University of Phoenicia

Tools and Trainings for a Sustainable Body, Mind, and Spirit.

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Homestead in Costa Rica, Permaculture Organic

The University of Phoenicia :

provides a portal into the new paradigm; creating sustainability and sovereignty through self and community empowerment. Education creates reality and here, you can learn how to create your own.

Self Empowerment is a priority as participants garner hands on experience with  Permaculture Techniques, Natural Building with Bamboo, and Tropical Adventures.


Learn more about Tropical Transition for more information on moving to Costa Rica.

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The spacious blend if jungle and farmland in the North Central Region of Costa Rica is a  greener, more lush and a very “tropical rain forest experience”, this natural escape embodies priceless healing components found all throughout nature. 

The abundant rain, brought in by the trade winds, keep the jungle thick and vibrant  with mountains framing rolling hills. The bright aqua, crystal-clear Rio Celeste sparkles like a precious jewel in the tropical sun. Here you will escape into a peaceful oasis, where  tangible energetic properties will aid you as your consciousness begins to shift and heal.    

This North Central region is famous for its hot springs, cloud forest, and staggering biodiversity. This province is also home to the Maleku people, a prominent indigenous tribe that has been calling this region home for centuries. 

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